Best Lumbar Support Cushions for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a more common ailment than you may think. Did you know that 89% of people who work in an office setting experience musculoskeletal pain, especially in their lower back.¹ However, lumbar spine pain is definitely not just limited to office workers! There are several reasons why someone might experience discomfort. Whether … Read more

10 Bulging Disc Treatments For The Lower Back Relief

Bulging Disc Treatment LumbarI know, a bulging disc in your lower back can be so painful.

  • You most likely have a L5-S1 or L4-5 disc bulge or maybe a disc herniation at those levels.
  • You are probably suffering some type of sciatica pain down your left leg, if you’re a guy, and your right leg, if your a women.

Why do I say left for men and right for women? It’s because of all the people I have met over the years dealing with sciatica pain from a bulging disc.

I have noticed with a man most of the time the left leg is the side of the painful pinched nerve while in women it’s the opposite. I have no idea why that is. This just happens to be a pattern I’ve picked up, but is definitely not a stead fast rule though.

However, what I do know is how to help treat a bulging disc in your lower back.

Here are some treatment options for you below.

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Best Bulging Disc Treatment Options

So you have been told by your doctor that you need treatment for a bulging disc. Now your left wondering do you need lots of treatment, what kind of treatment, can you do treatment by yourself or do you need a healthcare professional like a doctor, physical therapist or a chiropractor? The answer depends on how bad the … Read more